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Hit by a financial challenge Ticket


We have heard from many of you that modern times bring many financial trouble and the ability to participate in the event is not possible in the ‘normal’ price range currently offered.

Some of you have already applied for scholarships, and we wish to extend our support to include those who want to participate and are unable due to financial restrictions.

A special ticket - “Hit by a financial challenge” ticket. Includes access to the live festival and recordings for 1 week ONLY.

One of these criteria at least should be true for you:

- Unemployed

- A Student

- A Single parent to a young child

- Had no stable income for the past 6 months

- Affected by the rise of the USD in a severe way


We trust you to select this ticket type if participation is above all important for you and are unable to afford it at the moment.

For those of you who already purchased a ticket in the regular pricing, we appreciate your support and due to your full payment purchase we are able to offer this lower-priced ticket.

We also welcome donations of any kind after the event, but it is not expected.

Hit by a financial challenge Ticket

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