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As our global community is based in a variety of economies, the value of money is different for each of us. In creating this festival, we would like to keep this awareness in mind and to find a creative way to deal with the privilege gap that different people from different economies and socio-economic backgrounds are living on a daily basis.

We recognize that for many people within a large number of wide, active, and resilient NVC communities around the world, the festival’s ticket prices are out of reach and not in line with their local economic situation. We would like to enable people from lower income economies to join the festival, as well as people that are not able to obtain/hold a credit card for online payment.

**Your application and your name will only be visible to our scholarships coordinator and will not be shared with anyone else


ありがとうございました。 5日以内にメールでご連絡いたします。

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